elliptical training benefits

Benefits of Elliptical Workout and Tips for Training

Ellipticals are among the most popular devices for endurance training. They offer several advantages. With ellipticals, you can effectively train your endurance while being easy on your joints. Particularly for people with office jobs this gentle whole body workout offers an excellent training possibility as compensation. The elliptical trainer imitates a walking movement, i.e. you are using about all the muscle groups you need in everyday life. Thanks to the pulse measurement and the even movement of the whole body, the fat metabolism is also stimulated during training. The elliptical movement also avoids shock loads which strain the joints. In contrast to jogging, where up to 7 times of your weight can affect your joints, the movements are softer and the stress points are significantly lower. Last but not least, you train your coordination more than on a bicycle gauge.

Training on the ellipticals

As the name implies, your legs perform an elliptical movement on the machine. This is different to everyday life and therefore, especially for the leg muscles unusual stimuli are created. This makes this cardio device a particularly intensive training possibility. Not all ellipses need to be involved in the training. Some devices are equipped with brackets, on which you can place your arms during the workout. With such a fitness  machine, you can perform a greater variety of workouts by exercising alternately with and without the use of the upper body.

At the beginning of your training on the ellipticals, you should first practice the movement slowly and, if possible, do not use the arms. This is recommended because the elliptical motion is unusual, as we do not encounter it in everyday life. Just put your feet on the platforms and follow the course of the movement. If you are looking at a firm and slow start, you will not make many mistakes. By becoming accustomed slowly to the particular flowing movement of the elliptical trainer, you will soon be able to determine your optimal training position by moving your center of gravity slightly forward or backward. As soon as you have coordinated the movement of the legs, you can integrate arm movements into your movement.

Tips for training with the ellipticals

Usually, ellipses are not equipped with a free-wheeling mechanism. Therefore, you can not stop the movement abruptly. Instead, run slowly. Before you begin your workout, you should first practice a few times to start and run off the ellipticals.
Always keep your feet firmly on the elliptical trainer during training.
You should select the grip height of the hands so that your arms have complete freedom of movement. However, the movements of the arms should not be that heavy that they tend to move in the back or in the pelvis area.
A variety of ellipses are equipped with training programs, which also include backward movements. Completing backward movements on the elliptical trainer requires a completely different coordination with the trainer. Therefore, you should test the backward movement beforehand. If you have any pain or discomfort, do not use programs with backward movements.