Although an inversion bench is a relatively simple fitness machine, one should pay attention to some aspects.

Those who already suffer from back pain should also have a thorough health check before purchasing a such machinery, see a doctor and discuss potential treatments – such as having an inversion bench. This step is important to avoid unwanted side effects.

If you want to buy an inversion bench:

  • Well-known manufacturer
  • Quality workmanship
  • Customer reviews
  • Price-performance
  • Equipment

Unfortunately, there are some manufacturers in the fitness and health care sector, who are not keen on quality and want to offer a low-priced product, even if the functionality and the application effect may suffer. Therefore, we recommend trusting well-known manufacturers such as Kettler, Finnlo, Hammer, SportPlus, Gorilla Sports, Klarfit and others. With these producers you can be sure to get a decent quality. In addition, the aforementioned manufacturers offer good support. Spare parts are also easier to get.

Even if new equipment is more expensive, we advise against buying a used inversion bank or inversion table. The stability of these devices is very important and a used product may not provide the necessary stability.

Many and above all positive customer reviews are an excellent indication of a satisfactory product. Therefore, pay attention to this point if you want to buy a inversion table / inversion trainer.
The price is often a deciding factor in a purchase. Good inversion benches are not available under 100 €. But too high a price does not have to be an argument for higher quality. Therefore, pay particular attention to the price / performance ratio.

Inversion table / bench – Benefits

Anyone who sits for a long hours at work or exercises physically strenuously will sooner or later suffer from back pain. However, one can start counteracting it early on in order to avoid suffering from persistent pain at an advanced age.

To save yourself from frequent visits to a Physiotherapist or even a doctor, you can easily put a proven device of Physio Therapy in your own four walls – an inversion table. This will save you a lot of time, but also a lot of money, because the monthly fees are eliminated and only a single purchase is necessary.

Inversion bench – Application

Inversion benches or gravity trainers are the ideal training tool for anyone with back problems, regardless of their age.

An inversion bank should be used as follows. At the beginning you place yourself in the inversion bench, fix your feet with the appropriate leg device and then carefully drop backwards to turn the inversion bench downwards. The entire back is relieved and muscle tension is released. In addition, the discs are gently relaxed. This treatment method is also known as inversion therapy.

As the spine is stretched during this process, it absorbs new spinal fluid, preventing renewed pain. Less pressure means less back pain, less headaches and neck problems.

Read the operating instructions carefully before using the device for the first time to avoid unnecessary misalignments.

10-15 minutes a day is enough to combat existing pain and prevent tension.