inversion table therapy

There are a lot of advantages for using inversion tables as means to relieve short-term back pain and improve overall health. By positioning your body in an inverted position, you experience the pull of the force of gravity which slows down your heart rate, increases your blood pressure and takes away the strain from your neck and spine. This therapy also helps people who experience stress as it is also great for relaxation. Let’s cover what are the seven most obvious health benefits of owning an inversion table.

Pain relief

This is the number one reason why most people own an inversion table. Its ability to stretch out various parts of the body, that are under constant pressure, helps to alleviate both pain and stress caused by it. Most of the users experience enhanced short-term pain relief. For people who feel constant neck and back pain, inversion table therapy is a godsend. It immediately reduces discomfort levels not only in back and neck area but also in load bearing joints too. Muscles and tendons also stretch out which reduces strain and the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion.

Cardiovascular system health

Most of the pain and exhaustion issues in back and neck areas are a consequence of a limited blood flow between vertebrae of the spine. Inversion therapy changes how blood moves around the body since the heart rate slows and the blood pressure increases. This means that the force of gravity stretches both bones and muscles while the whole circulatory system gets unclogged for an improved flow of blood throughout the body.

Respiratory health improvements

The inverted position of the body improves oxygen absorption which in term helps to clear sinuses and alleviates breathing difficulty. This unique position strengthens the diaphragm which in term reduces the effort required for each individual breath. Thus the whole capacity of the inner lung surface area is efficiently used to allow for higher oxygen levels in the body.

Immune system gets a boost

Improved oxygen levels and blood flow represent an important benefit to overall health. Inversion tables also affect the lymphatic system in a positive way. This important internal system regulates toxic levels and helps reduce damage from harmful substances to your body. Lymphatic fluids are essential for keeping you healthy. Since gravity affects them too, inversion table therapy enables their easier movement throughout the body which improves your immune system efficiency.

Mental and cognitive improvements

Practising frequent inversion therapy sessions is a sure way to boost your mental health and improve your overall cognitive capability. Improved oxygen levels in your bloodstream boost your brain power which makes you function better and experience fewer headaches. Another important benefit is the quality of sleep which gets dramatically improved.

Energy levels improve

With regular use of inversion tables, you see improvements to every aspect of your health. With regular therapy, you will start feeling more energetic. As you improve blood flow and oxygen levels you will experience more happiness and fewer feelings of anxiety and depression. You will have fewer mood swings and episodes of panic attacks induced by stressful situations. Your muscles won’t tire as fast as before and you will have more energy reserves throughout the whole day.

Improvements to physical appearance

Frequent use of inversion table helps regulate your body weight and physical appearance. Your body posture will improve along with your overall strength levels. You can gain and regain height that was decreased by the incorrect posture and strong influence of gravitational force on your spine. Another important benefit of this, is the increase of appetite, following the reduction of body weight. The improvements to the flow of essential body fluids significantly slows down the ageing process.

Important considerations

If you intend to purchase inversion table there are some important facts that you need to check before you start using it. We strongly recommend that you consult your doctor or physician first. This is very important as people with specific health issues are not advised to use this type of therapy. If you suffer from high blood pressure and any kind of heart disease you must not exercise inversion therapy at all!