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GTA 5 Mobile
GTA 5 Android & iOS

Now you can play GTA 5 on Android and iOS. Grand Theft Auto V is now completely free on mobile which is developed by Rockstar Games.

GTA 5 Android

Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA 5 is the most renowned and most played video game by players among the youths/young people. This is a well-engineered and limitless open adventure game developed by Rockstar Games and Rockstar North. GTA 5 is a Rockstar Movie game, which means the storyline of this game is so good it can be made as to the movie in real life. GTA 5 is released in late 2019, which took 3 years to release mobile devices. GTA 5 is the fastest-selling video game of all time. Grand Theft Auto 5 is also the most successful open-world video game of all time, an estimated 11 million copies in the first 24 hours of released time. After the massive success of the GTA 5 on the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, XBOX Series. Grand Theft Auto 5 is re-released on Mobile devices, too, such as Android and IOS. So GTA 5 Android is exactly similar to the PC/Consoles version, and the storyline and game mechanics are just made portable with the same gameplay, so it is perfect for the mobile gamers out there.

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GTA V Mobile -
Download GTA 5 for Android & iOS

GTA 5 Mobile allows players to play 3 in 1 style gameplay, meaning you can play 3 different characters in the same game with each playable character's different storylines. GTA 5 Android is a player from either a third-perspective or first-perspective points of view. The game world is navigated on foot of the player or the vehicles/transportation in-game. The player can control the 3 lead protagonists and switch these protagonists while inside or outside the mission. The open-world design of this game GTA 5 lets players roam around freely on the map of the San Andreas Open countryside map and the fictional city of Los Santos, which is originally based on the real-life city Los Angeles as we know that Rockstar Games and Rockstar North set this game within the fictional state of San Andreas, based on Southern Califonia. The soundtrack of this game GTA 5 APK is an original score composed of a team of producers who collaborated over several years, so this time game sound is quite groovy and amazing to listen to. Not only this, GTA 5 has unique game mechanics. That is, you can switch between different players during or outside the mission.

gta 5 mobile
gta 5 android


Over 10 000 000 Downloads

GTA 5 Mobile is one of the most downloaded game in the history!


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You can now play GTA 5 Mobile for iOS & Android!

The full game info for GTA 5 Android

The gameplay is much more realistic than that of the previous GTA series, Grand Theft Auto 4. The map is bigger since the game has two different places that are countrysides and the city sides. Because of these cool features on GTA 5, the game has dominated the open-world games market since 2013. There are no games that can compete with this game in the storylines because of the unique and cool story written and composed by Dan Houser, Rupert Humphries, and Michael Unsworth. Rockstar Games is the first developer to use the RAGE gaming engine on their game. The RAGE gaming engine is very realistic, and the gameplay is smooth, and game mechanics are updated and helps players that the game can be compared to the real-life situation. So GTA 5 is one of Rockstar Games' best series, a beautifully crafted visual piece of art in the gaming world. If you have never tried the game GTA 5, then it's the time to get a copy of this game on PC, Consoles, or any mobile devices or tablet.

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GTA 5 Android

Grand Theft Auto 5 Android or GTA 5 Android is the same open-world adventure video game with the same storyline with the 3 protagonists; this time, this is just on the portable devices (Android/IOS). So the storyline starts from the same 3 protagonists: Michael De Santa, a rich middle-aged man, Franklin Clinton teenager or partner of Michael, and Trevor Phillips, who is psychotic, but he's a close friend of Michael. Players need to complete the different stories and objectives to make progress through the storylines. Outside the mission/objectives, players can roam around freely and have fun free-roaming gameplay with the 3 protagonists. The free-roaming place of GTA 5 is an open countryside area which is called San Andreas, fictional Blaine County, and the fictional city of Los Santos, which is based on the real-life city called Los Angeles, the fictional world of GTA 5 is extremely big than any series of GTA made by Rockstar Games. There is a restriction in the game that you cant roam every corner of the game at the beginning of the game because there are more objectives and missions to unlock these places or the city of the GTA 5. However, the story/game progress will unlock many gameplay contents. We know that you need to complete various game stories and missions to advance the storyline and unlock the different unique features, especially for this game. Only those are; Cycling, Swiming, Scuba Diving, Flying different Planes, Skyfalling, and many more.

Also, In Grand Theft Auto 5, Players can use melee attacks, firearms, bombs, explosives. They may run, jump, swim, swim, or use their different vehicles to navigate or explore the different world of Los Santos and County Blaine. There are auto-aim and classic cover systems the predecessor of Grand Theft Auto IV in combat mode against enemies of Grand Theft Auto V. If the player takes any damages physically in-game then the health bar shown in the HUD will decrease, it can be restored/increased by gradually to its halfway point. If players die or health depletes then players respawn at nearby hospitals. There is a "wanted" meter in the HUD (Head-Up-Display) if you commit any crimes or do any activities against the law enforcement then this meter will increased by showing a star sign, as this star sign increases there difficulties in losing the cops/polices increases. i.e; at the maximum level of a wanted meter (5 Star) police helicopters and SWAT Team will chase you and catch you eventually which is very hard to escape. Law Enforcement officers will search for the players who leave wanted in a particular place. Players can hide and stay hidden for a while for the cooldown of the wanted meter, you can see the minimap and stay out of the sight of the polices and SWAT Teams until the cooldown goes to the zero.

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What's new in GTA 5 APK for 2021?

GTA 5 Mobile also provides an online feature which is called GTA 5 Online. There is a persistent and dynamic world in GTA's online world for more than 16 players or up to 30 players. The player can play from any device such as Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, XBOX series X and S, Android, and IOS. In GTA 5, APK online players can explore the fictional city Los Santos alone, with friends, or co-operatively to complete the different missions and objectives. By completing these objectives and mission, they can unlock the different places online and create their own lifestyle, which is quite an amazing feature of GTA Online. The player can call and communicate with each other using discord channel/server, connect and complete the combined missions, side mission, jobs, and errands. Basically, GTA 5 Mobile Online is the mission-based, freedom, ambient activities, and events on the responsive world created by Rockstar Games. The player can Invest in their character by using GTA's game currency by customizing the character's appearance, improving the ability and stats, owning your own offices, vehicles, and customizing them. Also, Rockstar is constantly working on this online platform of GTA 5 APK online, so there is more room for improvement, and it will grow eventually by updating and by changing it when the new content is added similarly. So if you download GTA 5 Mobile, then the GTA Online feature is added for free this time. You can play offline mode too but to save the progress you will need to get online.

Story Line of GTA 5 for Mobile

The story starts with the Three 3 Main Protagonists in the middle of Bank Heists: Michael Townley, Trevor Philips, and Brad Snider in Ludendorff, North Yankton presumed all three dead by police. Nine years later, Michael stays in the city area called Los Santos, who is living under the witness protection with his family wife and 2 children. He has everything he wanted, but his life is miserable, and he needs to fix that to stay happy with his family. Similarly, Trevor Phillips, Michael's robbery colleague, stays in the countryside (Blaine County), thinking his friends were dead in the robbery while Bead Snider died. And lastly, the New Kid in town works as the Repo Man of American Dealership car, who lives in the small part of Los Santos, who meets Michael while stealing Michael's car. So these three characters have their own special abilities, each character has a set of eight skills that represent their ability in specific areas in shooting, driving, and flying aircraft.

GTA 5 Android Map Overview

GTA 5 APK has the largest open-world map in the entire series of GTA by far. The major playable/explorable map of GTA 5 APK is Los Santos and Blaine County. This entire world of Grand Theft Auto V is open and can be explored from the beginning of the game story. For the city or modern experience in the game, Los Santos is perfect. In comparison, Blaine County is the GTA 5 Map's countryside, where you can enjoy flying stunt planes, stunt bikes, and paragliding, and different stunt activities. Both of the Maps are different, and the game errands, missions, and objectives are also different. You will be able to traverse from the top of the mountains to the deeper level of oceans through the street of Los Santos and Blaine County. In the beginning, we can 2 characters (Michael and Franklin) are playable while Trevor is locked until the middle of the game.

GTA 5 Mobile Characters Introduction

As we know that there are Three different playable Protagonists in-game, they are Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Phillips. They have their own special abilities, issues, problems, lifestyles, desires, goals, and objectives.

Michael De Santa
Michael is a veteran bank robber, and he's an expert in this particular field and has many more criminal charges. Michael is a successful bank robber who made his own lifestyle in Los Santos and now he's retired and living comfortably. He has a wife, 2 children Son, and a Daughter. He has everything he wanted, but still, he's miserable.

Franklin Clinton
Franklin is the street gangster in Los Santos who has the middle lifestyle. He lives alone in a small house. He is looking for serious and real opportunities, basically, he has the opportunistic characteristics. Now he works as Repo Man in the dealership of American luxury cars.

Trevor Phillips
Trevor is the psychotic character of GTA. He's a former colleague of Michael. He has a very high temper and outburst and rampages, which can be controlled. He doesn't like to live with other rules and live his life on his own. Also, he's a habitual drug abuser who lives in the countryside of the GTA map.

GTA 5 Android Fun/Recreational Activities

Besides the mission, objectives, quests, side quests, errands, there are more activities and things to do in GTA 5 Android. For recreation, you can chill with your friends by calling, play tennis, do yoga, golf cycling through the countrysides of GTA, scuba diving, swimming, chilling in clubs. You can walk around the beach of GTA 5 APK, which is called Vespucci Beach. You can even interact with another character of GTA, which is quite an amazing feature of this game. You can join different car races, bike races, sky diving, flying planes, and even earn different money and unlock achievements for adrenaline rush activities. You can take a quick ride with your friends to the different parts of the map too. You can even get high, drunk, and go to different clubs and parties. Also, watch movies and enjoy your playable characters.

GTA 5 APK Missions Quests and Heists

There are many Missions, Quests, Heists in GTA 5 Mobile. You can play them to unlock different features of the game. GTA developer Rockstar's main aim is to hook player to this game, so this time GTA 5 APK has many playable quests, missions, and heists such as the story of GTA 5 starts with the bank heists. You can steal cars, bikes, money also committing crimes, hustling in Los Santos. To score big money and achievement in-game, Michael, Franklin, Trevor works together and pulls up the grand heists. So in this grand heists include recruiting the different characters for different skills/missions and giving precise location research to make this possible. There are a total of 69 playable missions and 5 playable heists (The Fleeca Job), which cost $11,500, The Prison Break Cost $40,000, Humane Labs Raid cost $54,000, Series A Funding cost $40,400, The Pacific Standard Job cost $100,000. There are many side quests/missions/errands, which is an amazing feature of this game.

GTA 5 Android Free-Roaming System

In the free-roaming mode of GTA 5 APK, the player can do a lot of fun activities. They can freely steal the vehicles and roam around. You can do the real-life activities in digital like haircuts, shooting, scuba diving. But there is a restriction in some of the things in free roam if you haven't completed some of the missions or objectives because some of the free-roaming activities can only be done after you finish that objectives or missions. It may be fully explored but with the restriction after the completion of the missions and objectives restriction will be removed eventually.

Multiplayer Features of GTA 5 APK

Rockstar Games has added Multiplayer features on GTA 5 Online. You can Play with your friends by connecting to the Rockstar Club account easily. The player of Consoles, PC, and Mobile can be played together just by connecting their account and joining on the same server of GTA 5 Online. Not only this, the Player can now complete the different Missions, errands, heists, and objectives by combining or can be played individually. Now you can save the game story's progress in the Rockstar Club accounts, and this storyline can be continued to other devices such as PC and Consoles or even Mobile devices (Android/IOS) just by logging into the accounts. GTA 5 for Android will be the game changer on mobile gaming. Good thing is that you can play GTA 5 on Mobile with the help of Bluetooth or WiFi. Developer Rockstar is working hard on making the game smooth while playing multiplayer too they made this game easy to connect just by connecting once in the WiFi other time it will be connected automatically.

GTA 5 for Mobile Control System

GTA 5 Android Control Mechanisms/Control system is straightforward and convenient. There are floating keys for the control system, a floating analog key for the players' movement. In contrast, the player can use melee attacks, firearms, run, jump, swim, and use vehicles, and this analog floating key helps navigate the world easily. There are different buttons/keys for different things, such as shooting keys, driving keys, jumping keys, and many more. Players can also customize their own customized keys for convenient gaming experiences. You can even connect the external devices such as a joystick or PlayStation/XBOX Joysticks for the next level gaming experience in GTA 5 Android.

Graphics Effects & Minimum Requirements of Grand Theft Auto V Mobile

GTA 5 Android uses the RAGE Gaming engine, which is also called the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine. So the graphics quality is extremely amazing for mobile devices. GTA 5 is completely optimized for mobile devices. That means it is compatible with most mobile devices, from the low specification devices such as Samsung S6 to high specification devices like the ASUS Rog series, which is quite amazing for mobile devices. Since the Rockstar has taken a lot of time to make this game top-notch on mobile devices, they have been working a lot for it. Basic settings that players can set are Minimum Graphics settings, High Graphics settings, and Ultra High settings. You can change accordingly by going on to the in-game settings. There is an advance rendering system gaming engine that helps in dynamic shadows, great post-processing effects, realistic weather systems, and overall gaming performance. Because of this, GTA 5 is rocking in the mobile gaming world too.

Minimum Specification required for GTA 5 Android

GTA 5 Android requires 2-3 GB free space on mobile phones. For Android Mobile devices, GTA 5 is compatible with the equivalent to the Samsung Galaxy S6: 1 GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, and Adreno 306 GPU. This includes almost all the recent phone like Google Pixel, Oneplus, Huawei, Oppo and LG. For IOS Mobile devices, GTA 4 Runs on the iPhone 5S and above, iPad Series, and later. Higher the quality of your mobile devices, the better gaming experiences you will get. If you are fond of playing GTA 5 on a bigger screen, this time is also compatible with bigger screen devices such as iPad, Tablets, and Notes.

Changes in GTA 5 Mobile compared to PC/Console Version

Basically, the changes that are made in GTA V mobile is just the control and game mechanism. The major change is that it is quite efficient to play on mobile devices, there is a gesture mechanism for the movement of the vehicle and if you don't like the gesture you can simply go to the settings and use the button for the movement instead. If you download GTA 5 on Android then you will be able to do a lot of GTA features such as customizing the vehicles, you can customize your character by going to the barbershop and chop the hair, buy new clothes that suit your characters with the help of different body shops that are scattered throughout the Grand Theft Auto 5 Map. Riding the vehicles seems pretty easy because of the easy control mechanism developed by RAGE especially for mobile devices. You can even switch the camera styles like first-person and third-person perspective if you are a fan of the previous series of GTA then you will definitely like the new mechanism of this game on the mobile version. First-person gaming on GTA 5 seems more realistic and more fun than that of the third-person view so lots of the GTA 5 players choose the first-person view over the third-person view.

How to Download GTA 5 APK and play it
on your mobile phone?



Download GTA 5 Android APK files from the download button given on the site. Install it on your required mobile devices. If you're downloading it from a PC Web browser, copy the GTA 5 APK files to your required android phones. File Size is 54 MB.



Install GTA 5 APK by copying the files to your mobile/tablets.
Installation may take some time. For some security reasons, the game will not be installed directly, so you need to allow it is going on to the settings and allowing it on the unknown resources. Tap on Settings > Allow the installation of GTA 5 Mobile.



After completing GTA 5 APK Installation, GTA 5 mobile icon will appear on the home screen. Launch the game. Now complete the quick verification process. To complete this verification process, install any apps/games on the verification page for 2-3 min and enjoy!

Questions About GTA 5 APK

There is no difference compared to the gameplay/storyline. Basically, It is a 1:1 model of PC/Consoles version You can see the difference in graphics and game control mechanism. GTA 5 Mobile supports a 120 Hz display for smooth gaming performance.

Yes, it is a cross-platform game but this cross-platform feature is available only on the GTA 5 Android Online, While playing online mode you can play with your friends from different platforms together/co-op mode by joining Rockstar Social Club. In offline mode, the cross-platform mode is disabled.

To protect from copying GTA 5 Android Content by other sites/developers illegally, Rockstar has added Human Verification Process so to complete this Human Verification Process you have to install any apps/games shown on the verification page and run those apps/games for 2-3 minutes. Sometimes there will be the quiz as the verification.

For Android, compatibility to the equivalent to a Samsung Galaxy S7: 2GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, and Adreno 306 GPU. For iOS devices, GTA 5 Mobile runs on iPhone 5S and later. It can be played on a bigger screen too such as iPad series, Galaxy Notes, tablets.

Sorry, there are no cheat codes features on GTA 5 Mobile. So players cant insert any types of cheat code in the mobile version of Grand Theft Auto V.

Rockstar has optimized the game for almost all kind of android devices from low specs to high specs to run smoothly so it doesn't require high-end mobile devices. But for a better/smooth GTA 5 Mobile gaming experience, you can have high-end mobile devices.

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